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Changchun elderly fitness exercise, exercise anti "epidemic" shaking wonderful

Time: 2020-06-16 15:29 Source: Senior Sports Association
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In order to enrich the old people's resistance During the special period of "epidemic", we should guide the elderly to strengthen physical training and promote the development of fitness activities for the elderly. The "National Youth Volleyball short video exchange activities in 2020" organized by the China Association for the elderly Sports Association and the special committee of the Chinese senior citizen's Association for the coordination of volleyball, are based on the principles of home, decentralization, science, innovation and safety. It will be organized, fitness clubs and individuals openly solicited.  

The Changchun Association for the elderly sports responded positively to the call of the National Association for physical fitness. After the phased victory in the city's epidemic prevention, we strictly followed the requirements of epidemic prevention and protection. According to the spirit of the notice, we organized the leadership of Wang Guirong, President of the city Volleyball Association of the old Sports Association, and went to the Changchun Olympic sports club. Orderly and small areas carried out training according to the requirements of the specified items and recorded short video entries.

These old Gas Volleyball enthusiasts, through various forms of scientific and effective physical exercise, have enhanced their physique, pleasing their body and mind, and improved their resistance to disease. They (they) enjoy the happiness brought by Gas Volleyball, showing their optimistic, healthy, positive attitude towards life, reflecting the idea of old age, the concept of old happiness and the healthy and happy life of old age.

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