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Responsibility, physical integrity, integrity first

Time: 2020-06-15 10:06 Source: Lottery Center
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China sports lottery, as a public lottery issued by the state, is always in line with the spirit. The purpose of the "coming from the people and to the people" is sticking to the "responsibility, integrity and solidarity". The spirit of "innovation", adhering to the development goal of "building a responsible, reliable, healthy and sustainable development of the national public lottery", adheres to the people centered approach, firmly grasps the development direction of the public lottery, and raises public welfare funds to promote the development of sports undertakings and public welfare undertakings. In the process of the construction of responsibility and lottery, the principle of "good faith" with the soul meaning is undoubtedly the foundation. This rule has occurred in a lottery betting station in Changchun.

In June 11, 2020, the E lottery ticket booth (No. 2201002268) received a letter from the elderly in Changchun. According to the salesperson of the lottery betting station, in May 31, 2020, the elderly daughter went to a friend's home in the E District of Changchun Greenland City, and saw a new lottery betting station (betting station 2201002268). His daughter bought a few lottery tickets with curious thoughts and bought a few lottery tickets, because there was no payment when he was talking on the phone. Did not buy, do not know how to open the lottery, in the first prize of the first prize of 100 thousand yuan, mistaken 100 thousand yuan as 100 yuan for the exchange! At that time, his daughter knew neither the first prize nor the payment. 2201002268 the lottery salesmen found that they did not hesitate to inform after winning the lottery. In an excited mood, the old man wrote the simple words and thanked the employee who did not have the name of the lottery.

Public welfare, music and life. In today's social development, we need more energy when we are upright, vigorous and vigorous. 2201002268 there are more good people in sports lottery practitioners, so as to build a harmonious family. The cornerstone of the more responsible construction is more solid.

Doing well the work of responsible lottery is a responsible reflection of contributing to the state, serving the society and protecting the interests of the broad masses of participants. The principle of good faith is the foundation of the responsibility lottery. The practitioners of color lottery hold the initial intention of issuing sports lottery, serve the masses and serve the society with healthy products, standardized sales, safe market environment and healthy lottery atmosphere, enhance the pride of the practitioners of color TV, let more lottery buyers and the public understand the public welfare lottery, and better the life of coke.

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