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The City Sports Bureau organized the knowledge test of the regulations on the work of grassroots organizations of the party and state organs of the Communist Party of China.

Time: 2020-06-12 10:31 Source: organ Party committee
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To effectively grasp the newly revised "Regulations on the work of grass-roots organizations of the party and state organs of the Communist Party of China" (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulations"), the propaganda and implementation work of the Municipal Sports Bureau shall be carried out. The knowledge test of regulations is carried out in the whole system in 1 weeks. The test takes a unified form of propositional form, which is unified by the party committees of the bureaus. The party organizations themselves print, organize closed book tests and unify examination papers, and the test results are reported to the party committees of the Bureau.

Before the centralized test, Party organizations at all levels sent out learning materials for all the party members and concentrated their study through the form of Party groups, Party members' meetings and special party lectures. The party members and cadres were asked to conscientiously study the contents of the Ordinance and deepen their understanding and mastery of the regulations through self-study and deep research. This knowledge test further deepened the understanding and understanding of the regulations of Party members and cadres. The purpose of "promoting learning through examinations and promoting learning by learning" has set off an upsurge in learning the regulations in all organs. According to statistics, nearly 220 party members took part in the test, accounting for 93% of the total score of 90 points. The Party committee of the Bureau asked the grass-roots party organizations to take this test as an opportunity to strengthen publicity, actively create a strong atmosphere for learning the regulations, carry out various forms of learning activities, and continue to study and implement the regulations as an important political task for the party building work in the current and future period. To deepen and integrate business activities and promote each other. To talk about

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