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Notice on organizing online exhibitions of home fitness Taijiquan programs and online video exchange activities of "Tai Chi Salon" across Changchun

Time: 2020-06-03 13:42 Source: Tai Chi Association
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Counties ( city ) area , Development Zone Taijiquan Association :

According to the State General Administration of sports and the China Association for the elderly, a short notice on Internet video shows will be held to commemorate the great leader, Chairman Mao. The inscription for "developing sports and enhancing people's health" is published 68th anniversary. The Taijiquan Association of Changchun is scheduled to hold the online exhibition of "taijilong Salon" in Changchun in June. The following matters are hereby notified as follows:

Activity theme: Chairman Mao The inscription on "developing sports and enhancing people's health" is published 68th anniversary.

Two. Sponsor unit : Changchun Taijiquan Association , Counties ( city ) area , Development Zone Taijiquan Association Co operation

Three, activity time: At 7:30 in the evening of June 10, 2020 (according to the number of days to declare the program can be arranged for two days) the time for reporting the programme is up to June 5th.

Four. Participants: The Taijiquan Association of each county (city) District recommends four Taijiquan weapon programs, mainly with collective programs.

Five, video requirements: Both the original video and the new video can be displayed clearly and smoothly, and the image is stable and pleasing to the eye. It must not be against social morality, including images, pictures, words and sounds that violate relevant laws and regulations. Video must not be clipped, and video duration will not exceed. 5 minutes. The organizer shall not undertake legal liability arising from disputes arising from entries, including but not limited to portrait right, reputation right, privacy right, copyright and trademark right.

Six. Activity requirements: If we need to organize a team to shoot, we must strictly protect and disinfect the new crowns. The participants were voluntarily and supported by their relatives. They were examined by the hospital in order to participate in this project. Those with heart disease and cardiovascular diseases declined to take part in the event. Organizers did not take any responsibility for declining the event.

After receiving the notice, each unit should promptly select the participating team to arrange for the recording of the program. "WeChat group chairman of Taijiquan county." The video will be broadcast by the approval of the Secretary General of the county (city) district.

The opening ceremony will broadcast a short video of the speech of the chairman of the Taijiquan Association of counties (cities) and development zones. President of the Taijiquan Association of XXX District, I wish the "Tai Chi Salon" across the Changchun network video exchange activities a complete success. Please dress up and dress up.

The president of Taijiquan Association of various counties (cities) can take the lead in performing programs.


The activities are conducted by the municipal Taijiquan Association Steering Committee and the activity guidance department. since In June 5th, a total of 500 people were set up by the steering committee of the association of Changchun Taijiquan Association online video WeChat group. The heads of each district are responsible for the selection of 25 people in the area, including the guidance stationmaster and the technical backbone. The group members must ensure the quality, have the collective concept and take the overall situation into consideration.

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