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New channel for public welfare Sports Lottery: Xintiandi supermarket can buy sports lottery tickets.

Time: 2020-05-18 15:16 Source: body color center
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As a national public lottery, China Sports Lottery The purpose of issuing "to the people and to the people" Channel construction and stores It is the cornerstone of the high quality and healthy development of sports lottery, and a window for raising public welfare funds. Aim at the blank areas of the existing stores. Through active marketing door-to-door service, let lottery betting station. stay Resident doorway Convenient purchase , Concurrent operator Free, easy, low cost, low cost, public welfare and entrepreneurial double harvest.

Even citizens who have never bought lottery tickets have been surprised to find it everywhere. Changchun Mainstream business circle, trunk road, community Xintiandi shopping mall Chain channels suddenly appeared. The signs of "China Sports Lottery" have sprung up all night. The wood of the embrace is born at the bottom of the nine layers, from the base soil. In order to do well in the industry's channel development work, we should vigorously improve the lottery environment and enhance the convenience and experience of the people. Changchun Sports Lottery Center Attaches great importance to the construction of related channels. Through all forces, Xintiandi shopping mall has been promoted. The establishment of 28 shop's sports lottery convenience store This work is specially carried out by the Development Department of the city sports lottery center, and actively promotes shop layout, posters publicity, marketing training and other series. "Peer to peer tracking service".

With the continuous deepening of the brand of sports lottery, more dominant industries will become an important way of channel construction, and more social forces should be set up to jointly develop the national public welfare cake. Give Way More labour practitioners and ordinary people will benefit from it.


Changchun Xintiandi shopping mall body color convenience store distribution list


Name of store

Store address

Hsinchu Road store, Changchun

Room 108, 9 building, Hongqiao Road, 18 Hsinchu Road, Luyuan District, Changchun.

Changchun Shun Shun Fuyuan store

Room 101, 9, Shun Shun Fu Court.

Changchun Zhonghai Jingyang mansion shop

Intersection of Nanyang road and Tongxin Road in Luyuan District

Hangzhou Road, Changchun (Station Square)

Changbai Road 1 chain hotel on the east side of the 1 floor hall.

Changchun West democracy store

No. 5 Chaoyang Road, West

Changchun Guanghua College

No. 3613 Wuhan Road

Two shop, Xiangyun street, Changchun

Xi'an road and Xiangyun Street pilot apartment 106

Linhe Street store, Changchun

In the south of Changchun, 49 residential buildings in 6 districts.

Changchun Kai Yun Street store

Kai Yun street, No. 480

Changchun Tong De Jin Street store

Gate 5, Hongqi Street, Wanda Plaza, Chaoyang District, Changchun

Changchun Jing Yue University City store

112, 114 and 115 outlets in Centrino University Town

Changchun New Town Street store

Intersection of Xincheng street and erudite Road

Jinchuan Street store, Changchun

No. 1085, 1 Kunshan Road, Jinchuan street, Jing Kai District

Nongan North Street store, Changchun

Liulin Road intersection with Nongan North Street, Mei Yun Xinghai, 36 1 units 101.

Changchun Fei Yue Road store

The intersection of Fei Road and Dongfeng Street (613 blocks in thirty-three blocks)

Changchun West Light Road Branch

Warm garden, phase 1, shop 107, shop No.

Changchun branch of an Le Road (Liu Yinglu)

102, A1 building, Star City, Wan long.

Fusong Road store, Changchun

Intersection of Kai Yun street and Fusong Road, No. 10, Song Yu District, Rong Wang Fu House.

Two Hutong, Chongqing, Changchun

No. 18, first floor, Chongqing alley fish market

Changchun vitality City store

No. 42 West three road, Nanguan District, Changchun

Changchun gardener Garden

Two garden 108 West side of Changchun gardener Garden

Changchun Siping people's shop

No. 319 people's street, Kuancheng District

Hedong Road, Changchun

Wansheng Aegean Sea D2 building 101 stores

Changchun, United States, new land, Wansheng

Luyuan District, Wansheng, Hongguo District

Second place, Nongan street, Changchun

Kuancheng District, Qingnian Road and nongnan street intersection 1 seasons 2 units 988

Changchun Yushu North Street shop

Yulin North Street Le Jia garden 39 101

Changchun Cultural Street Branch (Hongqi three)

No. 9 building, Fujin District, Chaoyang District

Two shop, Tailai street, Changchun

Room 103, 1 door, 18 Light Rail West Garden, Chaoyang District, Changchun



Warm tips for Chinese Sports Lottery: Purchase is moderation, rational bets! Not full 18 year old minors are not allowed to buy lottery tickets.


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