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The online teaching of Changchun old sports association is developing in full swing.

Time: 2020-05-18 13:59 Source: Changchun old Sports Association
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     2020 is a very extraordinary year. At the beginning of the new year, the Chinese nation encountered a ratio. In the past 03 years, a severe new crown virus infection in SARS SARS infected the epidemic of pneumonia, which seriously disrupted the order of production and life of the people. During the epidemic period, we have encouraged the advocacy of sports activities, such as stepping out of family fitness, strengthening body training, and organizing training exchanges. by We will carry out the arrangements for the prevention and control work of the new, coronavirus infected pneumonia cases in the state, provincial and municipal areas, and earnestly safeguard and safeguard the safety and health of the people. The Changchun Association for the elderly sports is in line with the actual situation of our city's campaign. The decision to teach online. It is requested that the subordinate associations of the Municipal Federation of older sports associations build online and teach online. Online live broadcast, calling home for science, safety and fitness. Enhance immunity and make contributions to the country! Through the promotion of these fitness methods to ease the residents during the outbreak of restlessness, tension, cohesion, and establish confidence in the fight against the epidemic.

     So far, the Changchun Federation of physical education associations sub committee of fitness waist drum, fitness Qigong sub committee, model dance branch, dribbling club, fitness clubs and so on have been heard, and this way of teaching has been praised by everyone. Some of the clubs will be close in two days. 300 people attend the group to attend lectures. The president of each sub committee is ready to prepare for the teaching and try to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm in class. The instructor is also prepared to prepare lessons before class. During class time, he explains patiently and painstaking. He decomposes clear videos in advance, recording standard movements. This teaching method can enable students to watch the action points of the teaching video and the teacher's explanation repeatedly after class. Everyone has the basis and the basis for learning. The audience is wide, and is not limited by time and place. It's the best way to learn at home. Therefore, the Changchun elderly Sports Association supports and encourages each branch to persist in carrying out online teaching for a long time. After the end of the epidemic, online teaching as a supplementary form of personnel aggregation training activities becomes normalization.

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