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Deputy director Li Xiaojie went to Changchun Military Sports Center

Time: 2020-05-14 13:51 Source: military center
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Five month Thirteen On the afternoon of the afternoon, Changchun Sports Bureau Deputy director Li Xiaojie , First level investigator, Training director Wang Zhuobin and training department, etc. A line Four people , Coming to Changchun Military Sports Management Center Conduct research activities. Director Li The first line is right. School gun magazines, monitoring rooms, indoor and outdoor training venues, and athletes' dormitories A field survey was conducted. Secretary Li stressed that safety is the lifeblood of development, and safety work must be done without loss. Yang Bailin, director of the center Comrade Central basic The situation, the situation of coaches, the condition of athletes, the training level, the epidemic prevention and control, the next key work arrangement and the urgent need to solve difficulties are reported.

Director Li One line pair core each and every item Work is fully affirmed. Secretary Li pointed out that further strengthening the training work, improving the training level and transporting high-level two talents are the key tasks and strategic objectives of the military sports center. Secretary Li stressed that training must be scientific and targeted, and scientific training is a systematic project. Director Li pointed out that coaches must improve their abilities, be good at finding problems and solving problems, and effectively improve their ability to turn training results into competitive levels. Secretary Li pointed out that the military sports center should actively plan for sustainable development, actively explore the construction of base schools and innovate the combination of sports and education. Finally, Secretary Li put forward his hope, hoping that the military sports center will continue to carry forward the spirit of the army, overcome difficulties and work hard to make greater contributions to Changchun's two shooting operations. Du Zhihua, a four level investigator, accompanied by two level director, Li Xuefeng, Liu Ming, Ji Youbo, deputy director of the military sports center, and Lu Guanhong, chief of training, took part in the investigation.

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