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The epidemic can not stop the footsteps of preparing for the war -- Changchun winter transport center will continue to train high-level ice and snow sports talents.

Time: 2020-05-21 13:45 Source: Winter transport center
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Sudden New crown pneumonia epidemic situation , All sports events in the world have stopped. China's ice and snow sports have gone through a special season. Changchun Winter Sports Management Center (referred to as the Changchun winter transport center), on the basis of implementing the epidemic prevention and control work, continues. Do a good job High level ice snow competitive sports reserve Personnel training.

I. implementation of epidemic prevention and control

Changchun winter transport center is determined according to the relevant requirements of the city's epidemic prevention and control, resumption and resumption of production. Teaching staff resume work, athletes continue to live at home training, life. Report to the community and district epidemic prevention departments on the resumption plan, and daily rework information, daily kill, masks, temperature registration, meal sharing, etc. Lucky code.  

Two, carry out home training according to circumstances.

Combined with the preparations for the Fourteenth National Winter Games and the nineteenth Provincial Games and the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control, the Changchun winter transport center called on all athletes and coaches to carry out home training in order to guarantee the integrity of the training cycle.

Short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, winter two items, snowboarding, freestyle skiing skills and other project teams carry out home training, coaches through online video teaching supervision. Coaches combined with the athletes themselves to formulate targeted training programs, supervise the implementation of training courses, match the heart rate table, pulse monitoring and other means to supervise athletes to achieve the established training quality standards, and adjust training contents according to individual differences in training. Freestyle Skiing Aerials athletes mostly come from Peixian, Xuzhou. Coaches go to Peixian to communicate with Peixian sports schools, and use their venues to carry out training. Over the past month, athletes have been adhering to aerobic endurance training, maintaining core strength, small muscle strength training, and strengthening special technical imitation training. All the projects and teams at various levels have completed the phased training task well, laying a solid foundation for the next step of centralized training.

Three. Complete the skating Hall renovation project.

In the stage of stabilizing the epidemic prevention and control work, the Changchun winter transport center carried out a maintenance and reconstruction project for the skating hall in accordance with the requirements of the International Short Track Speed Skating venue standard. Demolition of hard isolation wall, installation of mobile protective pad, replacement of dehumidifier, maintenance of refrigeration units, maintenance of refrigeration room; strict supervision of the construction process, daily construction personnel temperature measurement, registration, construction units are strictly prohibited from the use of provincial workers, special work certificates, work area equipped with fire extinguishers, aerial work to wear safety rope and other effective measures.

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