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Changchun sports school enrollment Brief

Time: 2020-05-14 13:38 Source: Changchun Sports School
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Introduction to Changchun Sports School

Changchun sports school was founded. In 1989, located in the beautiful Changchun Sports Center, it is a sports secondary vocational school integrating training, teaching, accommodation and accommodation. It is also the first sports school in the country to produce winter and summer Olympic champions.

The school always striving for excellence. As the motto of "Heaven's reward and diligence", the school spirit of "striving for wisdom and steadfast and enterprising spirit" is the school spirit of "cultivating high-level sports reserve talents".

from Since 1997, the six consecutive session has been appraised as the national high level sports reserve talents base by the State General Administration of sport. In 2008, it was named the "national key secondary vocational school" by the Ministry of education. It has become the "double point" sports school in the country. The school has been appraised by the State General Administration of sports as the advanced unit of national amateur training and the outstanding contribution award of the national sports cause. In 2016, in the national high level sports reserve talents base evaluation, it won seventh good achievements in the country and third in the provincial capital city. In 2017, it was awarded the "national civilized campus" by the central spiritual civilization construction Steering Committee. In the 2013 two cycle, it was appraised by the State Sports Administration's track and field sports management center as "the National Olympic and athletics single Olympic high level reserve talent base".  

The existing staff in our school 106 people, including 35 senior coaches (teachers), 32 intermediate coaches (teachers), 1 people won the May 1 Medal of labour in Changchun, and 8 people were awarded the honorary title of Changchun "body Germany pacesetter".

School projects are all Olympic events, including summer events. 14: track and field, football, basketball, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, table tennis, taekwondo, boxing, swimming, badminton, shooting, archery, fencing; winter events 11: short track speed skating, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, cross-country skiing, winter two items, Freestyle Skiing Aerials, freestyle skiing snow skills, snowboarding parallel slalom, snowboarding. Skills of jumping platform and slope obstacle Snowboarding obstacles. According to the unified arrangement of Changchun Sports Bureau, The enrollment management of the 25 projects is the responsibility of our school, and the sports training of ice snow and shooting archery is the responsibility of each project management center. Each project has established a perfect amateur technical secondary school training mode, which mainly participates in provincial annual competitions and youth competitions at all levels in the country. At the second National Youth Games in 2019, our school obtained 3 gold, 6 silver, 8 copper and 22 places. Good results.  

In the past thirty years, Wang Hao has been trained as Olympic champion (table tennis), Zhou Yang (short track speed skating), Olympic runner up Cheng Ming (archery), Han Tianyu, Chen Dequan (short track speed skating), champion of World Championships Qi Guangpu (Freestyle Skiing Aerials), Wei Shaoxuan (archery); world champion, Speed skating), Zhang Fu (shooting), Wei Yanan (marathon) and so on.  

The school has provided a large number of competitive sports reserve talents for the country, the province and the city, and has also cultivated many excellent sports workers such as physical education, sports management and social sports instructors for the society. Under the correct leadership of Changchun Sports Bureau, the school will further expand the scale of running schools, raise the level of teaching and training, and cultivate more sports reserve talents for the country.

Two. Enrollment plan


Educational system


Whereabouts of graduates

Sports training

Three years

180 person

Engaged in physical education teachers, coaches, sports talents to the state and higher education institutions

Leisure sports service and management

Three years

30 person

Physical fitness guidance and community service

Three, curriculum design

(1) public basic courses: language, mathematics, foreign languages, politics, physics, chemistry, information technology, sports and health.

(two) professional theoretical courses: human anatomy, human physiology, sports rehabilitation, sports health care, psychology, school physical education.

(three) elective courses: Referee law, sports training, social sports instructor lectures, etc.

Four, professional settings

International Wrestling (classical, freestyle), judo, weightlifting, basketball, football, table tennis, track and field (sprint, middle distance running, jumping, hurdling, throwing, omnipotence), badminton, swimming, taekwondo, boxing, ice and snow events (short track speed skating, speed skating, winter two, cross-country skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboarding, figure skating), shooting, archery.

Five, enrollment characteristics, enrollment targets

The Sports School of Changchun is a national plan enrolment (merging), and it enrolls students all over the province, who has sports expertise, and has a promising future and loves sports.

Six, state subsidy policy

(1) grant in aid

Scope of funding: secondary school students majoring in agriculture in grade one or two, and families with financial difficulties in non agriculture related majors; the amount of Grant: financial subsidy standard for grants. 2000 yuan / year / person (1000 yuan / semester / person); the proportion of recipients: the students who are not involved in agricultural financial difficulties in the financial aid object determine the number of student aid recipients according to the 15% proportion of the students.

(two) free learning

Funding scope: full time secondary school students in grade one or two and three are exempt from tuition fees from all rural (County town) students and some urban hukou students. 3200 yuan / year / person; the proportion of recipients: all rural (including county) students; the non-agricultural urban household economically disadvantaged students determine the number of free tuition recipients according to the proportion of urban students in 10%.

Seven, registration method

Students must have the residence booklet and identity card when signing up. Students with financial difficulties in rural household registration and urban families can enjoy state subsidized grants and free tuition fees; students with laid-off certificates and low guarantees must submit the original documents; poor families shall have family financial hardship proof materials issued by local government departments at the township, street, township level or above. Letter of introduction from school, recent bareheaded photo 3 photos (small 2 inch red bottom).

Eight, cultural examination methods

According to the physical examination certificate issued by the Sports School of Changchun, the graduates will be required to participate in the mid-term examination of the unified organization of the province.

Nine, charging standard

The sports schools in Changchun strictly charge or reduce the fees according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of education and the provincial education department.


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