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Changchun gymnasium party members and cadres sinking new street to help prevent and control epidemic situation

Time: 2020-05-19 14:53 Source: Gymnasium
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  •  Cleaning and cleaning.Jpg in Guiyang community
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  •  Director Yu Donghua exchanges with street staff on epidemic prevention and control work.JPG


May 19th morning , Led by the director of the Donghua Municipal Stadium, Party members and cadres of the Changchun gymnasium will go to the New District of Kuancheng district to help prevent and control the epidemic. The gymnasium brought food, water, disinfectant and other epidemic prevention materials to the community. Combined with the transformation of old streets in the streets, it carried out thorough cleaning and cleaning in the small square of Guiyang community. Current positive value Jilin New coronavirus Rise, Important period of epidemic prevention and control Our library will maintain close ties with the New District of the docking unit, fully participate in the fight against epidemic situation, and resolutely win the epidemic prevention and control.

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