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Changchun Sports Bureau research team went to Changchun winter sports management center field research.

Time: 2020-05-12 17:22 Source: Winter tube center
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   Five month Twelve day Li Xiaojie, deputy director of the Changchun Sports Bureau, led the research team to conduct research on the training units directly under the leadership. And first came. The winter sports management center of Changchun city (referred to as the city winter transport center) has conducted on-the-spot investigation. Wang Zhuobin, the first class investigator and director of the Training Department of the City Sports Bureau as well as Du Zhihua, a four level Investigator , Two grade chief clerk Li Xuefeng Accompanying research. Xu Zhenzhou, director of the city's winter transport center, and deputy director Nie Yujiang, Jiang Wenbo, Wang Yuedong and training management cadres participated in the research.

   The research activities first inspected the maintenance and renovation project of the city skating hall, and then held a seminar. At the meeting, City Winter transport center Director Xu Zhenzhou made a detailed report to the research team, introduced the basic situation of the unit, the construction of coaches and athletes, the training level of each item, the epidemic prevention and control work, the key work arrangement in the second half of the year and the urgent problems to be solved. During the reporting process, deputy director Li Xiaojie, Wang Chao bin Investigator And The leading group of the winter transportation center of the city has conducted full exchanges and discussions.

   Deputy director Li Xiaojie, Wang Chao bin Investigator separately We have fully affirmed the construction of the talent team and the key work arrangements in the second half of the year. Deputy director Li Xiaojie said that the city winter transport center, as the leading unit of competitive sports in Changchun, has won outstanding achievements and honor for our city. In the epidemic prevention and control work, scientific research and accurate implementation have made a great deal of work for athletes, staff and workers against the epidemic. Deputy director Li Xiaojie stressed that the new leadership of the Municipal Sports Bureau attaches great importance to the work of ice and snow competitive sports, and the investigation team will take the work situation of the city winter transport center as an example. Existing difficulties Urgent need Problems solved Seriously combing, and strive to make scientific judgments, help the city winter transport center to find more conducive to the development of our city's ice and snow sports work methods and ways.

   The city winter transport center expressed appreciation for the concern and great attention of the leading bodies of the Municipal Sports Bureau, and indicated that in the future work, we should continue to carry forward the glorious tradition of ice and snow sports people, further stimulate the enthusiasm of all the staff and athletes, and create more honor for our city's competitive sports work, so as to achieve the goal of achieving the goal of achieving the goal of achieving the goal of achieving the goal of achieving the goal of competitive sports. 2022 at the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, more athletes from Changchun worked hard to win glory for the country.

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