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Spring five, science and fitness Exhibition

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Changchun elderly Sports Association actively responds to and earnestly implements Sports Association of the elderly in China In May 1, 2020, the spirit of the "home fitness campaign against epidemic" collection and exhibition was announced. Hand in hand with Changchun Aerobics Dancing Association and Luyuan District Sports Association. "Spring Festival celebration five First, scientific fitness exhibition. "Cloud gathering", through the Changchun old Sports Association fitness waist drum three network teaching group, linkage thousand people online attention, Changchun City eight districts more than 400 people participated. A variety of fitness videos including boxing, balls, sticks, drums, fans, exercises and dancing have been uploaded. 76 programmes.

  Tong Xiaobo, Secretary General of Changchun Sports Association for the elderly, Sun Wei, Secretary General of Changchun aerobics dance association and Wang Suibo, Secretary General of Luyuan District Sports Association, represent the association. , Congratulate " Spring Festival celebration, science fitness Exhibition " The opening of the get-together!

  During the epidemic, the Changchun elderly Sports Association organized various fitness clubs to carry out online teaching. The purpose is to We should popularize the knowledge and skills of scientific fitness, learn new fitness routines, and transmit positive energy through the network to contribute to fight against the epidemic. The city's old Association of physical fitness waist drum branch of the cloud teaching activities carried out vivid, red hot. Every day's teaching courses are organized, the president and the backbone members of each district have a clear division of work, and theoretical knowledge is evaluated and routines are taught with video reports. The teacher's explanation is patient and meticulous, and the movements are clearly decomposed. The 3 hand drum drums have been completed.

  book Under the guidance of the cordial care of leaders at all levels, the sub cloud gathering was held successfully by the elderly friends who liked the fitness waist drum. To the full It shows the home science fitness and fight against epidemic situation. Home science fitness wind color! At the same time, it is also a showcase of online teaching achievements. It reflects the absence of Changchun's senior citizens. "I exercise, I am healthy, I am happy, I live long" scientific fitness concept. We will further promote the vigorous development of the national fitness program. Although the epidemic blocks us from home, "May Day" labor day can not be gathered together, it can only be seen across the screen. But our pursuit of healthy and happy footsteps can not stop, old happiness, old belief is still in the! We firmly believe that under the leadership of the party, the joint efforts of the whole nation will surely overcome the epidemic situation. May China's blue sky and clear water, magnificent mountains and rivers safe and sound! People are happy and healthy!

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