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Changchun community lottery members and cadres actively participate in the prevention and control of epidemic situation

Time: 2020-03-10 14:39 Source: body color center
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The community is the first line of joint prevention and control of epidemic situation, and also the front line of external defense and internal non-proliferation. Blocking the entrance and exit of communities is the key to the isolation of the isolated communities. The battle "epidemic" has not yet blown the horn of victory. The Party cadres of the Changchun Sports Lottery Management Center responded positively to the requirements of the "lower communities and the first line", and all the party members reported to the community where they lived and worked with the community.

   Recently, Han Xudong, director of the Changchun sports lottery center, Zhang Yan, director of the office, Di Xuefeng, and so on, came to the Hongguang District of Xincheng community for many times to work at the monitoring points and fight against the epidemic situation with the community comrades. They stand in front of the gate of the community, do vehicle registration and population investigation, and do their best to help the community control the source of infection, block transmission channels, and stick to the management and epidemic prevention work of the closed area. At the same time, they ran back and forth in the open streets to publicize the epidemic prevention and control knowledge, effectively guide the residents to face the epidemic situation correctly, do personal protection and family protection. They take the actual action to "wipe" the emblem of the chest, take the responsibility of "fighters" and take the spirit of "responsibility, integrity, solidarity and innovation" as guidelines, and use Party members' initial heart, determination and confidence to put a party flag in the front line of fighting against the epidemic.

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