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Changchun winter sports management center: take the lead tree image to participate in epidemic prevention and control.

Time: 2020-03-10 09:35 Source: Changchun winter sports management center
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Epidemic is command, prevention and control is responsibility. The Party branch of the Changchun winter sports management center conscientiously implemented the notice issued by the Changchun Municipal Committee that the party members and cadres "fight against the new crown pneumonia virus" under the community and the first line. All Party members and cadres actively called for the initiative to participate in the prevention and control of the epidemic in the community.
   In February 17th, in addition to the fact that 5 party members in the serving party members were carrying out land training for their work needs, all the other party members were contacted and reported to the communities in which they live, and they applied to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work. Among them, two comrades, such as Ren Li Shuang and Ding Weidong, immediately rushed to the front line of epidemic prevention and control in the community. In February 20th, two comrades such as Zhang Hao and Lv Chao were also involved in the epidemic prevention and control work in the community.
   In February 17th, after making contact with the Jinyuan community in Jing Kai District, Comrade Ren Li quickly rushed to the community to report and met with Secretary of the community party branch Wang Xin, and immediately put into the epidemic prevention and control work. For several days, he went to work at half past eight every morning, and did not pick up light work and heavy work, and was not afraid to contact with the quarantine personnel. He worked with community staff to patrol and supervise the epidemic prevention checkpoints in various districts of the District, check the missing posts in the key areas such as garage entry, investigate suspicious personnel in the external areas, and investigate suspected case personnel; post the home observation isolation seals for the families relocated in the provinces. Help home-based segregant to purchase and transport vegetables, fruits, meat and eggs and other food and daily necessities and help clean up rubbish.
   In February 17th, when Comrade Ding Weidong got in touch with the community in the South Gate District, according to the characteristics of his work and the fact that his community was mostly closed to the community, he immediately decided to attend duty at the checkpoint of KTV at the intersection of Jin Dong and Yuan Dong from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m. To conduct investigations on outsiders, and repeatedly work with min Kang Street director and Simon Li community party branch secretary to judge the epidemic prevention and control work in this community.
   Comrade Zhang Hao reported to the Tong Kang community in two districts in February 20th. He joined the 8 Party members from different units to form a temporary war epidemic team. He accepted the task and walked along the street with the community workers and the grid members. All the merchants who were not in business in the area were posted and distributed the epidemic prevention and control notice.
   In February 20th, comrade Lv Chao went to the Yue Yue community in Mount Jing District, and joined the community party branch secretary, Kong Xianghui and community workers, to publicize the publicity materials for all the personnel in the first phase and the two phase of the Pauli Champagne district.
   The vanguard party members of Changchun winter sports management center have fully demonstrated the spirit of the sports people who dare to shoulder their responsibilities and march forward bravely. (Lou Songgao)






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