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Jilin participates in the commendation meeting of the two National Youth Association, and more than one athletes coach in Changchun is commended.

Time: 2019-10-31 14:28 Source: Training Department
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On the morning of October 29th, the second Jilin provincial youth sports meeting was held at the comprehensive training hall of the Provincial Sports Bureau. An Lijia, head of the Jilin delegation and vice governor, attended the meeting and spoke at the meeting. Gao Cai Lin, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, chaired the meeting. The representatives of the Provincial Federation of trade unions, the Communist Youth League, the provincial women's Federation, the provincial education department, the provincial finance department, the provincial people's Association, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Municipal Sports Bureau, and the Jilin provincial athletes and coaches participated in the second national games.

At the meeting, Zhao Chunlin, deputy director of the provincial people's social and social department, read the commendation decision: 132 athletes and 51 coaches were awarded "excellent athletes". The title of "excellent coach" includes 35 athletes from Changchun (23 in winter, 12 in summer), 9 in coaches (7 in winter and 2 in summer). 184 athletes and 42 coaches were commended, including Changchun athletes 58 (winter project 24, summer project 34), coaches 42 people (winter project participants, summer project participants). The representatives of the champion athletes and the coaches representatives exchanged speeches respectively. The commended athletes and coaches said they would not forget their minds, remember their mission, train hard and climb the heights, and make new contributions to the development of sports in our province and our city.

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