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2019 "body Cup" China Changchun short track auto challenge.

Time: 2019-09-20 14:47 Source: competition Office
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In order to actively promote the revitalization of the northeast, create domestic influential brand events, promote the vigorous development of the automobile industry, boost the soaring of the automobile industry, and further enhance the brand image of Changchun. September 21st The 2019 "body Cup" China Changchun short track auto challenge is in 27 kilometres of Changbai highway Of Changchun de Feng sports circuit opened the curtain.

   This competition is from People's Government of Changchun Sports Bureau and Nongan County Host, It is jointly organized by Nong'an County Cultural Radio and Television Bureau, the people's Government of Nongan County, Changchun City Sports Lottery Management Center, and Changchun de Feng Motor Sports Development Co., Ltd. China automobile and motorcycle sports union Meeting whole course guidance The event will last two days, and will attract from. whole country Around 60 The famous racing driver is on the same stage.

   This competition venue Track For 1.6 km of gravel road surface. Road quality , Track yes Based on the latest international and domestic super short track competition design, the design of larakas is designed. Yes Main raceway and The tactical track makes the game more thrilling, for drivers and spectators. People Bringing new racing experience. The competition is to take a single race, a bicycle, a double car or multiple cars on the closed track. form To ensure the safety of all competitors, the Organizing Committee requests all participating vehicles. Meet the standard of safety modification of China Motor Sport Federation Must be equipped with Anti rolling rack, racing seat, four and more seat belts. , During the race, drivers must wear helmets that conform to the FIA standard and wear conjoined sports suit. It is recommended to wear HANS system.

   Open component two drive group (Rookie group, professional group) 4WD group and media Group four Grade. Each motorcade must bring the same displacement. 2 to 3 cars. Car registration Club Cup 2 vehicles The best result is the racing plus points.

   In 2019, People's Republic of China was founded in 70th anniversary. As the cradle and base of the Republic's automobile industry, Changchun has a pivotal position in the Chinese automobile industry, and it also carries the hope of revitalizing the northeast. In 2019, Changchun will uphold the concept of "promoting Changchun's comprehensive revitalization and all-round rejuvenation", cultivating automobile culture, developing automobile movement, helping the flying automobile industry, and accelerating the construction of modern cultural cities in Northeast Asia.

   Automobile sports are greatly concerned by automobile consumers and sports fans, and their influence is far beyond the motor racing itself. Changchun's heavy history of automobile culture will also promote the development of Changchun's automobile industry through the integration of this event and racing culture.

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