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Implementation plan of football reform and development in Changchun (Draft)

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To implement The Party Central Committee The State Council Decision making, according to the State Council General plan of China's football reform and development (Office of the State Council) [2015]11) and the Jilin Provincial People's Government Office's "Implementation Opinions on football reform and development" (Ji Zheng FA [2019]14) spirit, deepen football reform, and comprehensively enhance the level of football reform and development in our city. I Market reality Formulate This implementation Scheme.

First, population Requirement

(1) guiding ideology

Fully implementing the nineteen spirit of the party , Guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era , Taking football reform as a breakthrough in deepening the reform of sports management system , Follow the rule of football development To promote the spirit of Chinese sports. Deepening the reform of the system and mechanism as the driving force Popularize and improve youth campus football, and vigorously promote social football. Do fine and strong. Professional football, enhance the influence and competitiveness of key football cities, build China's football reform and develop a famous football city.

(two) Basic principle

- adhere to the principle of combining government leadership with market operation. We should give full play to the advantages of the government, integrate resources, form a resultant force, give full play to the role of market mechanism, stimulate vitality, tap potential and create a just and equal competitive environment.

- the principle of combining key points with promoting popularization. Take the professional club as the leader, improve the youth training system, do a good job in training young football talents, enhance the competitive level of football in our city, vigorously promote the development of campus football activities, and consolidate the population foundation of football development in our city.

- developing the principle of combining football with national fitness. We should cultivate the public's interest in football, meet the needs of the public, enhance the physical quality and health of the citizens, and let the participation of football become an important way of healthy life, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the citizens.

Based on the principle of combining advanced experience at home and abroad. Starting from the reality of our city, relying on the resources of the city's external exchanges, learning from the advanced experience at home and abroad, and carrying out extensive exchanges and cooperation in personnel training, event organization and industrial development.

(three) primary objective

Recent goals (2018-2020 years)

Straighten out the management system of football and clarify the functions of institutional management. Strengthen Professional football club construction The number is up to 2-3 branches Actively promote the development of social football based on national fitness. The number of football players in the whole society often exceeds that of football players. 300 thousand People; Popularizing youth campus football activities vigorously , The characteristic of school football is achieved. Two hundred and forty The youth football population reaches One . Six ten thousand people ; Creating a football culture atmosphere ; The football venues in the city reach Seven hundred and thirty-four Block, per 10000 people. 0.9-1.0 Block football field

Medium-term goals (2021-2030 years)

To establish the three level football talents training system of campus, elite and occupation in our city. Accelerate the construction of football venues and facilities in the city, and achieve full coverage of football venues in streets, townships and communities. Every ten thousand people have One .2 Block football field ; The number of football players has reached. 400 thousand people The construction level of professional clubs has been significantly improved. Strive to have 2 Super League teams. To transport a certain number of football talents for all levels of national teams, improve the management system of football competitions at all levels, and actively organize and undertake high-level football matches. Widely Developing football external communication cooperation Activities; Form a new pattern of healthy and orderly football development.

Long term goal (2031-2050 years)

Football has become a popular sport for all citizens. One Five Block football field , Forming a strong and positive football culture atmosphere ; Make our professional football club into Asia and even international. well-known Football clubs; positive. Hosting the Asian Cup, World Cup , The Olympic Games and other major football matches; the healthy development of the football industry, and constantly extend the chain of football industry. , Football career and Football Comprehensive and coordinated development of industry

Two, reform the system and mechanism of football development.

(1) Clear functions and positioning. Changchun Football Association As a field of football in Changchun It is public welfare and widely representative, professional and authoritative. Independent legal person Company It is the only member of the Chinese football association representing our city. Specific functions are to promote football and communication. ; Training football talents ; Perfecting and developing the football competition system Give full play to the professional and technical advantages of the Football Association, assist the education department in carrying out campus football work, and under the guidance of the national football industry standard. Formulate Industry standard Establishment of decision-making power, executive power and supervisory power , Mechanisms that restrict each other and coordinate with each other We should improve the management level of standardization, institutionalization and democratization, and promote the common development of football industry and industry in Changchun.

(two) Optimize leadership structure. According to the specific situation of football development in our city, under the supervision and management of Changchun Sports Bureau, the leadership structure is optimized. The composition of its leading body should be broadly representative and professional. The association is composed of representatives of the municipal government and the sports administration department, the representatives of the county (city) Football Association, the professional club representatives, the school representatives, the well-known football professionals, the social personages and the experts.

(three) Improve the internal management mechanism. We should improve internal governance structure, power operation procedures and working rules, and establish decision-making power, executive power and supervision power, which are mutually restrictive and coordinated. The "three powers separation" mechanism. Enhance service awareness , We should strengthen self-discipline and focus on solving the problems existing in the football field. The Changchun Football Association will be open to the public and accept auditing and supervision.

(four) We will improve the management system of each county (city) association. The sports administrative departments of all counties (cities) shall adjust and form the Football Association of the region, join the Changchun Football Association in the name of their members, and accept the industry guidance and management of the Changchun Football Association. The football associations of all counties (cities) shoulder the responsibilities of the construction, competition, training, various kinds of football activities, publicity and other duties of the member organizations of the county (city) and the industry.

(five) Strengthen the leadership of the party. We should improve the party organizations of all levels of football associations, in accordance with the principles of party management and personnel policies. Strengthen the leadership of the party to the association. Strengthen the ideological and political work of the association and the daily management of cadres. The Changchun Football Association established the Party branch and was led by the Party committee of the Changchun Sports Bureau. The leading body of the Changchun Football Association is inspected by the Changchun Sports Bureau, the party Association, the City Football Association and the relevant parties. Nomination and election according to the articles of association. Changchun Football Association Principal Responsible Person It is managed by the Changchun Sports Bureau in accordance with the management authority of cadres.

Three, promote the rapid development of professional football.

(1) Vigorously support the development of professional football. We should increase our support in policy support, talent introduction and external environment. Study and establish a support mechanism for professional football development. The players imported from professional clubs provide policy guarantees in terms of household registration and school status. Support professional football clubs to build their own training bases.

(two) Strengthen the self construction of professional football clubs. We should guide professional football clubs to improve rules and regulations, strengthen self-discipline management, abide by industry rules, and speed up the pace of professionalization and marketization. , Assume social responsibility, accept social supervision, cultivate fans' culture, refer to the relevant policies of introducing high-level talents, and constantly upgrade the level of professional football in Changchun.

(three) Promote amateur football clubs to professional football development. Integrate resources, improve policies, support amateur football clubs with a certain strength to participate in the low level Amateur League of China Football Association, create conditions and set up professional football clubs.

(four) improve the reward mechanism of professional football clubs. We should actively create a favorable environment for the development of professional football clubs, set up government support incentive funds, link performance results with club performance results, and guide the healthy development of clubs. The supervision mechanism should be established, and a supervisory committee composed of relevant departments should be set up to ensure that the incentive funds are used in accordance with the law. We should encourage and guide state-owned enterprises, state holding enterprises and large private enterprises, and actively provide sponsorship support for Changchun professional football clubs or carry out various kinds of cooperation to help the club develop healthier in the long run.

Four , Actively promote Social football development

(1) Support social football activities. Encourage the city's organs, enterprises and institutions , Social groups And Universities According to the characteristics of different groups of people, organize football tournament activities. Through the government purchase service mode, we will provide football coaches guidance for various industries and communities, send training to social football organizations, send equipment and services, enhance public interest in football, and expand the population base of football in Changchun.

(two) Constructing a social football competition system. Actively carry out The 5 person system, 8 person system, 11 person system and other colorful social football events. The Changchun Amateur Football League, Changchun community Football League and other multi brand events will be established to form institutionalization and normalization, and urban and rural leagues, enterprise leagues and industry leagues should be established.

(three) Guide social football and professional football positive interaction. Establish a registration system for social football population. Through the development of social football, the football population will continue to increase and the level will continue to improve. We should give play to the influence of professional clubs, encourage and guide more citizens to participate in football, enjoy football, pass the positive energy of football, enhance the sense of belonging and honor of the citizens, and enhance the cohesion of the city.

Five , deepen Youth campus football development

(1) We should strengthen organizational leadership and form a cooperative working mechanism. We should give full play to the function of Changchun youth school football leadership team and strengthen the macro guidance, overall coordination and comprehensive management of youth campus football. The leading body of campus football in Changchun has been established, and the division of labor among the member units has been clearly defined, and a cooperative working mechanism has been formed to promote the vigorous development of youth campus football in our city.

(two) Giving full play to the educational function of football Insist The development concept of "Lide Shuren" takes the development of youth campus football as a basic project to improve the comprehensive quality of students and promote the healthy growth of young people. It develops the resultant force of developing education, promoting professional guidance, actively organizing schools, actively participating in students' activities, and supporting social resources. Let more teenagers love football, play football and enjoy football. For the country, provinces and cities culture Transportation Excellent football reserve talents and all-round developing students

(three) improve the training system of campus football talents Building campus football system Youth elite training system - the modern football talents training system with complementary advantages of professional football system, and giving full play to the main channel role of campus football in training football reserve talents. , At the right time, we will provide preferential policies for football majors.

(four) intensify the development of youth campus football. Special schools should arrange at least one football lesson every week to enhance the quality of football teaching and teaching. We should focus on supporting schools with good foundation and high enthusiasm to become the featured schools of campus football. We should intensify efforts to carry out activities for football featured kindergartens.

(five) strengthening the training of elite youth soccer talents establish Education Department, sports department and Cooperative management mechanism of professional football clubs The education department has joined forces with the sports department. Selection and key cultivation Teenagers Football Elite talents In order to Education and sports Two ways to ensure output. Joint promotion Youth soccer Elite personnel culture

(six) carry out extensive competitions and activities on campus football. Kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools and senior high schools will develop four level campus football league matches. The women's campus Football League is carried out in counties (cities) with good foundation and mature conditions, and the school football competition results are included in the school work evaluation system. Organizing youth football summer camp, winter camp, elite training camp and other activities every year, widely carry out various types of youth campus football competitions and various forms of football seminars, exchanges, and actively carry out activities. "Football enlightenment into kindergarten", "football stars into the campus", "elite coaches into the campus" and other activities. More teenagers are encouraged to participate in football activities.

(seven) Strengthening the construction of teaching staff. Special training for heads of education administrative departments, primary and secondary school principals, physical education teachers, retired athletes, coaches and referees will be held. Establish and improve the training system of football teachers. "Please come in, go out" and other ways to improve the teaching, training and competition organization level of the existing football teachers. We should encourage retired football players and football majors to engage in campus football. By 2020, there will be at least 1 grades of football coaches for every football school.

Six Leading youth elite football talents development

(1) Define the direction of development. Teenagers Elite football talents training should not only base on campus football, but also undertake professional football, train professional players for professional football clubs, and provide elite soccer talents for the country. Through the training system of Changchun youth training, we can help the potential reserve talents of campus football to enter the field of professional football.

(two) establish a talent training mode for youth training centers. To create diversified youth reserve talents training mode, realize the organic combination with campus football, build up a platform for the elitist development of young football talents with potential training, and unimpede the training channels for excellent football reserve talents. Actively declare Changchun's national level Youth football training core

(three) We should optimize and integrate resources to create a new mode of training elite football reserve talents for young people. Giving full play to educational advantages and education department We should jointly establish the mechanism of Changchun youth soccer base school, integrate social resources, establish joint training mechanism with social football training institutions, and vigorously support the development of social youth institutions.

(four) Perfect the elite competition system for young people. make Youth elite soccer championship and League.

(five) promote the reform of physical education mechanism and change the way of development. Physical education departments at all levels have increased investment to explore the guarantee mode of training, funds and incentives for sports teams and coaches in the new situation, break down barriers and stimulate the vitality of football in sports schools.

Seven, improve the football competition system.

(1) establish a juvenile soccer competition system. Children, primary schools, junior high schools, senior high schools and universities are the main campus competition system; the three level campus Football League at school level, district level and municipal level is carried out; the youth soccer league with the main body of football reserve talents training is the main body.

(two) establish a social football competition system. Construction of our city football super, a, B, and community four league matches, and gradually complete different levels of different match system of urban football league system, to meet different age groups, different levels, meet the needs of social football fans, promote social football development.

(three) strengthen international football exchanges. It is responsible for hosting the International Youth Football Championships, exchanges, development seminars, relying on the resources of Changchun's foreign exchanges, organizing or hosting the occupation, campus, social and exchange activities between Changchun's international friendly cities.

(four) support professional football clubs to participate in the national competition system.

Eight Perfect Training mode of football related professional talents

(1) We should strengthen the training of football related professionals. Speed up the training and training of football coaches, referees and competition managers. Build a high-level training platform, relying on the international football organization and the China Football Association training platform, give play to the resources advantages of our universities and research institutions, enhance the training level of football talents, and improve the comprehensive ability of football professionals in our city.

(two) Do a good job in the retirement of excellent football players. We should co-ordinate the market mechanism and policy guidance, set up a platform for the reemployment of outstanding football players, support them to go through the necessary training and assessment, and enter the City Football Association, football clubs and schools, engaging in football coaches, referees, lecturers and so on.

Nine , Strengthening the management of football field construction

(1) expand the scale of football venues and facilities. Implementation of the national football field facilities construction plan file Spirit, improve the football venues and facilities in our city. Renovation, renovation and new construction The football venues and facilities in primary and secondary schools meet the training needs of young football talents. Counties (cities) We should make full use of urban and rural wasteland, idle land, parks and forest belts. Green space And so on, accelerate the construction of football Park and people's football venues and facilities, and meet the needs of residents in the area to engage in football activities. We should implement preferential policies in land, taxation and finance, and encourage social capital to invest in football field construction.

(two) Construction of Changchun youth football training center We will build a high level football training base integrating training, competition, office, scientific research, training, medical treatment, accommodation and physical fitness function rooms. Base includes standard 11 person natural grass Football Field 1 pieces, standard 11 person artificial grass soccer site 2 pieces, standard 11 person system Indoor soccer training hall 1 standard five man artificial grass football pitch 4 pieces and related facilities for field training.

(three) improve the operation and comprehensive benefits of site facilities. In accordance with the principle of separation of management and operation and non-profit, tenders should choose professional social organizations or enterprises to manage and operate the public football field and promote the opening of the public football field to the society at a low price or free. Under the premise of ensuring normal teaching order and campus safety, we should speed up the opening of campus sites to students in extracurricular time, open to the society, establish a resource sharing mechanism for schools and community sites, and significantly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of campus sites.

Ten And improve the input mechanism.

(1) Establish a football reform and development guarantee mechanism. In accordance with the general requirements of the country, the reform and development of football should be included in the important content of comprehensive deepening reform. whole City's economic and social development plan. Integrating football infrastructure into the overall planning of urban and rural planning and land use In the form of funds, venues, institutions, personnel and responsibilities, a supportive and secure work pattern is formed. We should strengthen the management of state owned assets of football infrastructure and establish a regulatory system with clear property rights and distinct responsibilities.

(two) Increase financial input. Governments at all levels should co-ordinate the relevant funds in accordance with the "general plan of China's football reform and development" issued by the State Council and the "Implementation Opinions on football reform and development" issued by the general office of the Jilin Provincial People's government. Organization construction Campus football, social football, women football, youth soccer, Teaching and scientific research, professional team building, reserve talents base, Capital investment in football field construction, professional training, football platform construction and so on. Increase financial support for large football venues to ensure normal operation. Encourage and guide relevant enterprises, football clubs and other social institutions to support youth football development. When the sports and education departments arrange related funds, they should give a strong tilt to the reform and development of football. Formulating award mechanisms and standards for football competitions at all levels.

(three) establish Changchun City Football development foundation. Led by the government. According to the establishment of China football development foundation, suggestions are made. Set up the Changchun football development foundation. Foundation as a non camp A legal person shall be engaged in donations, donations, and public welfare activities in accordance with the law. A reward mechanism should be set up to encourage enterprises, institutions, social forces and individuals to donate. Donations can be deducted in accordance with the law by calculating the taxable income of enterprise income tax and personal income tax. The foundation runs and runs according to the articles of association, strengthens the information disclosure according to the relevant laws and regulations, and accepts social supervision.

(four) Enlarge Sports The lottery public welfare fund supports the strength of football development. Every year, a certain amount of money is allocated to the development of youth football, campus football and social football.

(five) Social forces are encouraged to develop football. We should guide powerful enterprises and individuals to invest in football industry, sponsor football events and public welfare projects, give full play to the demonstration and leading role of supporting football industry, and broaden the sources of funds for the development of football market.

(six) promote Football Industrial development. Football market We should strengthen the development and protection of all kinds of football intangible assets, and create a full range and whole process of industrial chain operation mode by creating sports brand, developing football subsidiary products and cultivating football service market. Form a relatively stable and reasonable football industry system and policy support system, cultivate large scale, good efficiency, strong industrialization and high reputation leading enterprises, elongate the football industry chain, so that the football industry will become the pillar industry of sports in the whole city.

Eleven. Strengthening football culture construction

Changchun Have a deep cultural background of football. Will be Changchun The construction of football culture goes through the whole process of football reform and development. Changchun Characteristics of urban football culture, further consolidate Changchun Football culture foundation. Strengthen professional ethics education for employees in the football industry, cultivate patriotic dedication, Tenacity We must strive for a spirit that is conducive to the development and revitalization of football. We should strengthen the organization of fans, create a healthy and healthy football group, and create a warm and harmonious atmosphere.

Ten Two And strengthen the leadership and protection of football work.

(1) establishing a joint conference system for football reform and development Joint Conference Led by the municipal government Serve as convenor. The heads of relevant departments are members and the office is located in the Municipal Sports Bureau. bear Routine. Joint Conference By Sports Bureau, Education Bureau, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, development and Reform Commission, Human society Bureaus, public security bureaus, civil affairs bureaus, finance bureaus, Planning and natural resources Bureau, Construction Committee, Housing Authority , the Inland Revenue Department, Market supervision Bureau, Wen Guang Tourism Bureau and Communist Youth League Municipal Party committee and municipal reform office And other departments and units. All departments should perform their duties and responsibilities, do their best and cooperate with each other to jointly promote the reform and development of football in our city.

(two) Improve the working mechanism conducive to the reform and development of football. The reform and development of football should be carried out by the government, social support, market operation and the participation of the whole people. We should improve the operational mechanism of the leading group of football reform and development in Changchun, and work smoothly to work out communication channels. Resultant force

(three) We should strengthen the style of football industry and the construction of legal system. We should strengthen the ideological and moral education and professional ethics education in the field of football, strengthen the temper of the sports team's spirit and willpower, cultivate patriotic dedication, perseverance and unity and struggle, and strive to form a spiritual force that encourages Changchun's football development and revitalization and is conducive to social harmony and progress. In order to meet the needs of football development and the characteristics of the industry, we should improve the relevant laws and regulations of our city and the rules and regulations of football industry, and lay a solid foundation for football governance. We should form a system of football rule of law education, law enforcement and supervision, and establish a fair and transparent rule of law environment.

(four) We should establish a propaganda mechanism for football reform and development. We should guide the news media to publicize Changchun football positively, create a good image and create a good atmosphere for public opinion. Explore the path of football broadcasting. United City radio and television station, the establishment of Changchun football channel. News media of newspapers, radio, television, and networks at all levels in the city have set up special columns, and publicize the reform and development of the city's football in a three-dimensional, omnidirectional and multi angle way.

(five) Play a typical driving role. We should select and strengthen the support and guidance in the areas with good football foundation, good football conditions and high working enthusiasm, and sum up the typical experience of promoting the reform and development of football so as to promote other areas and promote improvement.

(six) Governments at all levels should strengthen the public service of football matches. Simplifying the administrative and auditing procedures of the competition, improving the service guarantee system of all kinds of football matches, formulating the standards of competition organization service, security service, medical service, voluntary service and so on, and directing the football management departments to strengthen cooperation with the departments of security, sports, fire, sanitation, transportation and foreign affairs.

(seven) Strengthen the management of football industry. Improve the referee's fair law enforcement, coaches and athletes to abide by the law and discipline mechanism. We must strictly guard against and severely punish violations of discipline in the football industry and improve the disciplinary system.

(eight) strengthen football Competition order Administration Adhere to fair competition and establish good competition. Competition organizations and sports administration departments should strengthen coordination with public security organs and improve safety and security measures. The public security organs are responsible for strengthening the supervision over the safety and order of football matches, organizing and carrying out the management and maintenance of the order and the surrounding areas, and cracking down on illegal activities in accordance with the law. We should guide fans to watch and observe discipline and abide by the law.

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