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The two National Youth Games will be concluded in Changchun.

Time: 2019-08-20 15:14 Source: Training Department
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   The National Youth Games is a grand event to test the development level of competitive sports for young athletes from all over the country. The second National Youth Games (hereinafter referred to as the two youth games) ended in Taiyuan, Shanxi on the evening of August 18th. The first two winter and summer events in the games are the largest, most competitive, and most widely used youth comprehensive sports events in China. There are 34 delegations, including Hongkong and Macao, and 33517 athletes. From the January 14th parallel snowboarding project, the curtain fell to 18 days in August and lasted nearly 8 months. More than 30 thousand athletes from 34 national delegations interpreted the Olympic spirit of "faster, higher and stronger" with perseverance and perseverance. They constantly broke through themselves, 2 people and 1 teams broke 2 national records and leveled 1 national records; 3 1 teams cracked 4 National Youth records; 2 3 teams broke the national juvenile record.

   After a comprehensive arrangement and careful planning, the city selected 453 athletes and composed 40 teams to participate in the 17 major and 27 sub competitions of track and field, shooting, short track speed skating and freestyle skiing of the two youth games. All athletes and coaches worked together and fought bravely, and achieved satisfactory results in the fierce competition. They won 35 gold medals for the Jilin delegation and 47.3% of the total number of gold medals in the whole province. A number of excellent athletes were sprung up. By participating This year's sports meet has not only been well trained and tested in the competitive sports reserve team of our city, but also improved the psychological quality and resilience of the athletes in the competition. It also showed the spirit of "shoulder to shoulder and struggle for me" in the new era and the spirit of Changchun's "tolerance and atmosphere, self-improvement". There was no case of doping. And the violation of sportsmanship and fashion has achieved a good harvest in athletic performance and spiritual civilization.

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