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National football venues and facilities construction plan (2016 - 2020)

Time: 2019-08-21 15:39 Source: National Development and Reform Commission
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In order to further meet the needs of mass sports fitness, popularize and popularize football, comprehensively revitalize Chinese football and build a sports power, according to the State Council's accelerating the development of sports industry Several plans for promoting sports consumption "(National Development [2014]46)," China football reform and development general plan "(National Development Office [2015]11) and" China Football medium and long-term development plan "([2016]780) are formulated.

Planning background

Football is a worldwide sport with a wide range of influence and is deeply loved by the masses. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the increasing awareness of sports fitness, the rapid development of football in China has become an important part of national fitness. It has great significance for improving national quality, enriching spiritual and cultural life, developing sports industry and realizing the dream of sports power.

Football venues and facilities are the material basis and necessary condition for the development of football. However, the existing football facilities in our country do not match the needs of the masses of the people. By the end of 2013, there were over 1 football venues with better conditions in the country, with an average of 130 thousand people having a soccer field.

At present, our country is in a critical period of new urbanization construction. Sports facilities construction is facing a rare opportunity for development. Scientific planning and construction of football venues and facilities will help increase the effective supply of football venues, consolidate the foundation of football development, popularize football sports and improve the level of football.

Guiding ideology and basic principles

(1) guiding ideology

Guided by Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of "Three Represents" and Scientific Outlook on Development, we carried out the spirit of the eighteen, eighteen, second, third, fourth and fifth plenary session of the party, and thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, promoting the implementation of the four overall strategic layout, taking football facilities as an important livelihood project and the foundation of China's football revitalization. The basic project will mobilize the participation of all social forces, effectively increase supply, enhance public welfare and improve accessibility, and lay a solid material foundation for the vigorous development of football in the whole country.

(two) basic principles

- facing the grass roots and serving the masses. Focusing on mass fitness and football popularization, focusing on campus and community, actively building the football venues and facilities around the masses, greatly improving the coverage of venues and facilities, and making it easier for urban and rural residents to participate in football games in the near future.

- according to local conditions, classified guidance. Taking full account of the number and distribution of population in the region, the characteristics of the natural environment and the resources of the existing sports facilities, we will rationally arrange the layout and scientifically determine the number, type and standard of the football field.

- government guidance and multi stakeholder participation. We should strengthen the government's responsibility in planning, policies, standards and investment, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social forces, and actively guide social capital to participate in the construction and operation of facilities.

- laying equal stress on construction and management and improving efficiency. Efforts should be made to increase supply and revitalize stock resources. We should pay attention to hardware construction as well as operational management and improve efficiency of football venues and facilities.

Objectives and tasks

This plan refers to the soccer field including 5 person system, 7 person system (8 person system) and 11 person system place; the standard field refers to 11 person soccer field.

(1) construction objectives

By 2020, the number of football venues in the country was over 70 thousand, with an average football field of over 0.5 yuan per 10000 people, and more than 0.7 yuan in qualified areas. The utilization ratio and operation ability of football facilities have been greatly improved, and the economic and social benefits have been significantly improved.

(two) construction tasks

There are about 60 thousand football venues nationwide.

- renovate and renovate 40 thousand blocks of campus football. We must adhere to local conditions, gradually improve and make full use of the existing conditions. Each primary and secondary school football characteristic school has more than 1 football fields, and the institutions of higher learning have more than 1 standard football venues. Other schools create conditions to build suitable football venues.

- transforming 20 thousand new football venues. In addition to a few mountain areas, there are at least 2 social standard football courts in each county level administrative area. The newly built residential areas with proper conditions should have 1 football fields with 5 or more people.

- improve professional football venues. New 2 national football training bases. Relying on the existing facilities, we will build a number of provincial football training bases. Encourage professional clubs to improve each echelon match and training ground.

Mode of construction and source of funds

(1) mode of construction

Comprehensive utilization. Based on the integration of resources, we should make full use of sports centers, parks, green space, idle factories, school playgrounds, and community vacant places to expand football venues.

Renovation and renovation. Based on improving the quality, the rural football field is reformed to support the improvement of facilities in schools and conditional urban communities.

- new capacity expansion. Based on the gap, the football venues and facilities will be included in the urban and rural planning, land use master plan and annual land use plan, and the layout of the football sites will be rationally arranged.

(two) financing

- increasing public financial input. Local governments arrange financial funds to support the construction of basic and public welfare football venues and facilities, and the central government grants subsidies through existing capital channels.

Attracting social capital investment. Encourage enterprises, individuals and overseas capital to invest in the construction and operation of football venues, and support social forces to donate funds to build various football venues.

- promoting cooperation between the government and social capital. We should take public construction, privately run public assistance, entrustment management and PPP to build football venues and facilities according to local conditions.

Open and utilization

Open campus. Under the premise of ensuring normal teaching order and campus safety, we should speed up the opening of campus sites to students in extracurricular time, open to the society, establish a resource sharing mechanism for schools and community sites, and significantly improve the comprehensive utilization rate of campus sites.

Public sports facilities are open. We must adhere to the public welfare orientation, and the football venues invested by the government should be free or low fees open to the public.

Other social venues are open. It is necessary to guide the factories and mining enterprises, public institutions and other football facilities to be open to the public. Through the government purchase services and other ways to guide profitable venues and facilities for mass fitness services. Encourage professional clubs to open their venues in proper form for training, competitions and visits.

- efficient use of venues and facilities. The long-term operation mechanism of site facilities should be established to clarify the conditions and requirements for the opening of campus and public football venues. The facilities, opening hours and charging prices should be publicly and clearly stated.

Organization and Implementation

(1) establishment of working mechanism

All localities should fully understand the importance of strengthening the construction of football venues and facilities, incorporate the construction of football venues and facilities into the local national economic and social development plan, and set up a leading group of government leaders responsible for the development, reform, sports, finance, land and resources, housing, urban and rural construction, education, taxation, and football associations, etc., and earnestly strengthen communication and coordination, and jointly promote the development of football facilities. Construction of stadium facilities.

(two) local planning

In accordance with the requirements of this plan, local governments have compiled plans for the construction of football venues and facilities, set up a project repository, made clear the objectives, schedule and responsibilities of the year's construction, and implemented funds channels to ensure the quality of the projects.

(three) do a good job in policy implementation.

All localities should establish a stable investment mechanism for football venues and facilities, ensure the supply of construction land, implement the policy of tax reduction and exemption for sports facilities construction and operation, and implement the price policy of water, electricity, gas and heat. Broaden investment and financing channels, support social capital construction of football venues. We should strengthen the training and management of football venues.

(four) strengthen supervision and inspection

All localities should strengthen performance appraisal, ensure the responsibility is in place, fulfil the tasks, timely carry out supervision and inspection of the implementation of the football field facilities construction plan, introduce the third party evaluation mechanism, and accept the supervision of the masses. The Ministry of national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education, the General Administration of sport and the inter ministerial joint conference of the national football reform and development department (China Football Association) are responsible for the supervision and inspection of this plan.


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