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Compilation of directory of government information disclosure

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1. All information in this information disclosure is summarized and classified on the basis of general and general social cases for general reference only. Any specific or special case handling can be directly addressed to the competent authority for application to check relevant information.
2. The content description in this information disclosure is purely for convenience. If you want to know the details of the information, please refer to the text of the public information.
I. purpose of compilation
In accordance with the principle of open, timely and convenient government information, in order to facilitate citizens, legal persons and other organizations to inquire about the government information that should belong to the government, this directory is compiled.
Two. Scope of editing
According to the regulations, the government's information on health work in the city is free and open to the public. A total of 56 articles have been compiled, including 3 institutions, 14 policies and regulations, 2 planning plans and 37 business activities.
Three. Organization name and code
Name of Institution: Changchun Sports Bureau
Code number: 01382765-6
Organization Code: 045 (file number)
Four. Description of request number
The request number is a set of code compiled for the convenience of information. It is composed of four parts, the information classification number, the organization code, the information generation year, and the information sequence number, which are composed of 11 characters. Among them:
The first character represents the classification of information, which is represented by the capital letter, that is, "A" represents the function of the organization; "B" stands for policies and regulations; "C" represents the planning plan; "D" represents the business plan; "E" stands for dynamic information and other information.
The code for the second to fourth representative organizations is expressed in the form of 3 digits, and the Changchun Sports Bureau is 045.
The fifth to eighth represents the year of information generation, represented in 4 digits, such as 2002, 2003, 2004, etc.
The ninth to eleventh representative information sequence number is represented by 3 figures, from 001 to 999.
For example, A0452004001 says:
A -- the functional category of the institution
045 - Changchun Sports Bureau
2004 - two four
001 - first messages

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