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Regulations on sports business activities

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1. Conditions:

(1) the necessary funds;

(two) suitable places for public security, fire protection, sanitation and environmental protection.

(three) sports venues, sports equipment and sports equipment that meet technical standards;

(four) employees with professional knowledge of sports and through post training;

(five) comply with laws, regulations and other relevant provisions of the state.

Two, submission materials:

(1) application form;

(two) legal documents for the proposed legal representative and relevant professional and technical personnel;

(three) implementation plan of business activities;

(four) the qualification certificate and management information of sports professional and technical personnel;

(five) necessary information on sports venues, sports facilities, equipment, equipment and funds.

Relevant materials should also be provided in the following situations:

(1) a large scale mass sports business shall be submitted to the public security organ for approval.

(two) the training plan and syllabus should be submitted to the sports training activities.

(three) engaging in hazardous sports business activities, it is necessary to provide feasibility reports and qualification materials approved by relevant departments at or above the municipal level.

Three. Time limit for review

The administrative department of sports shall, within ten days after receiving the application, make a decision on whether to approve it, go through the formalities for the approval of sports business activities, and give reasons to the applicant if it fails to approve the application.

Four. Accreditation procedures

Those who have the above conditions will receive the "approval form of sports business activities" by the market office of the Municipal Sports Bureau and fill in the corresponding contents according to the items in the table. After the examination and approval by the market office, the sports business license will be issued within ten days.

Five, annual inspection

Operators shall conduct annual inspection procedures in accordance with relevant regulations.

Change of name, place, legal representative and scope of operation must be examined by the sports administration department.

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