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"China sports lottery Cup" Changchun chess "folk chess king" competition will start tomorrow.

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   To "build a responsible, reliable, healthy and sustainable development of the National Lottery" strategic objectives, "responsibility" Integrity, unity and innovation "The spirit of the lottery is guided by the dissemination of the public trust value of sports lottery. It is committed to constantly satisfying the increasingly rich demand for public cultural entertainment of lottery buyers, and enhancing the reputation of sports lottery brands. According to the requirements of the national and provincial sports lottery centers, the Changchun lottery center carries out the" chess chess competition "at some betting centers. Compete in In September 4th, we had to go to war with passion. Finally, who is the chess player in Changchun? Let's wait and see. If you like chess, you can take a look at the following places.




   South Lake Central Street and Renmin Road rendezvous, Nanguan District, Changchun, 111

   Wang Hai Quan

   Eighteen billion nine hundred and forty-three million six hundred and fifty thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight

   Two district Tongxing road and Xinggong Road intersection, morning Yu District 8 building.

   Li Lu Jia

   Fifteen billion five hundred and forty-three million seven hundred and thirty-five thousand five hundred and fifty-five

   Two districts, four districts, 11 buildings, 12 garage.

   Cong Zhou

   Fifteen billion five hundred and sixty-seven million seven hundred and twenty-five thousand three hundred and thirty-nine

   Chaoyang District Hengda Ya Yuan East Gate 16-135 stores

   Sun Da Peng

   Thirteen billion seven hundred and fifty-six million forty-eight thousand eight hundred and eighty

   Jingyang District Jingyang residential area 19 106

   Zhu Hong Hua

   Thirteen billion nineteen million two hundred and twenty-four thousand six hundred and eighty-seven

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