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Complaints supervision

  • When buying Hengda's house, the government planned for the Olympic Sports Park, and the Olympic Sports Park was gone. The fitness guidance center has been in the open space for 2 years, and there is no construction until now. Before the leadership said that it was started at the end of 17, now it has not been built at the end of 18 years. Our high-tech zone wants to find a place to exercise, so it's even harder for the government to build a fitness center. It is said that money has been approved. Why is it so late? Please give your heart reply. Thank you.

    2018-10-14 09:40:56

    The construction of fitness guidance center is advancing, and foundation construction has been completed last year.

  • Changchun 52 Zhong Lisheng natatorium is still open after the expiration of the contract, and has been holding cards for the customers without notice to the customers. It has been postponed for half a year with private consultations in 52. Due to some reasons, the swimming pool should be recovered in 52 days ago. Due to the strength of swimming fitness, all the equipment will start to be removed. The swimming pool will drag the refund deadline to 31 on the grounds that it can not get enough money, and it is very irregular to do the card. People register, feel that money is not coming back now. The natatorium continued to handle the annual card business for its customers when it knew that the contract expired. The promised refund was far from being expected. Thousands of thousands of people had no complaints. The consumers' rights and interests were guaranteed. The Public Security Bureau of the Education Bureau registered several times, and the results were not effective.

    2018-08-28 09:41:16

    It is suggested that the complaint be contacted with the local industry and Commerce Department. Our bureau only has the right to supervise the high-risk projects.

  • Hello, I would like to ask whether the charge of the outdoor basketball court in Changchun gymnasium is reasonable and legal. Now I charge 3 yuan per person per day, and there is no receipt for me. Who has taken the money and spent it there? Do you have any accounts? As the government's outdoor fitness place charges according to what documents, please answer, thank you.

    2018-07-24 09:41:34

    Hello, the Sports Bureau attaches great importance to the problems you have raised. The leaders of the Sports Bureau personally sign and approve, and instruct the city stadium to deal with it immediately and reply in time. After receipt, the relevant documents were immediately searched, and the parties concerned were asked to investigate the complaints. At present, the basketball court has been open to the public free of charge.

  • I am a fruit grower in Dalian, and now is the season of cherry production. I hope you will see some profits when you have been busy for a year. As we all know, now popular online selling, our cherry also sent to all parts of the country, is the China Post, has been very pleasant. However, when my goods were sent to Changchun, the logistics information showed that I had signed the receipt, but the consignee did not receive the call, nor did I know where the express was. God, false information!!! False information!!! This is escalated to the issue of professional ethics. It's not the first time. I couldn't speak clearly when I phoned. The courier also had a tough attitude, claiming that he was not sure. Asking the relevant departments is all kinds of prevarication. On a hot summer day, cherries can't wait. They will rot. Who can understand the heart of a fruit grower? I really want to keep my promise to customers and live up to the trust of customers. Of course, I understand the courier's hard work, but I just hope he can finish his job. Why is the express not delivered? Why don't you know where the express you sent is? Can the working people respect each other? I hope the relevant departments can give a statement, there is a result, I hope our products can still be sent to the spring city without worry.

    2018-06-10 09:41:55

    Hello, for your situation, we sympathize and understand, but the problems you put forward are not supervised by our sports administration department. You need to find relevant departments to coordinate with postal express. We also hope that your career will flourishing.

  • I was the owner of Hengda oasis estate. When I bought the Hengda oasis, the opposite area was an Olympic Park. 2 years later, he told us that the Olympic Park was gone. Now the opposite area has become the Changchun fitness center, but to this day, no action has been seen. I want to know when the government wants to deceive us. If there is a fitness center, is there a specific planning timetable? Please reply. Thank you!

    2018-12-24 09:42:13

    Hello, according to the overall urban planning of the municipal government, the Changchun Olympic Park, originally built near the Bayi Reservoir, was moved to the high and new North District, and 10 hectares of sports land were reserved at the original site. At present, the Changchun sports fitness center has been completed the approval procedures of project approval, assessment and environmental impact assessment. The feasibility study report has been passed through expert assessment and report. Our bureau is actively promoting this project and strive to start work before the end of this year.

  • Gymnasium facilities in the national fitness center are out of date, and only a few dozen treadmills are good for using two classes. Seriously affect the interests of members! Since the beginning of the year, it has been said that decoration and replacement equipment has not been carried out so far.

    2018-01-06 09:42:41

    Hello, you should be the Impulse fitness center in the national fitness center.

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