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Changchun online fitness campaign launched

Time: 2020-06-18 08:56 Source: Group Office
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In order to meet the new needs of national fitness in normal epidemic prevention and control, Guide the public Scientific fitness, healthy lifestyle development, in the morning of June 17, 2020, Sponsored by Changchun Sports Bureau and Changchun radio and TV station. Changchun stadium, Changchun Sports Federation and Changchun hop Chi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Changchun's online fitness campaign starts. This series of activities will be held from June to December. The theme is "fighting against epidemic situation, scientific fitness, and moving spring city".

Before the launching ceremony, the representatives of Changchun community fitness sites performed excellent national fitness programs. Bei'an community Yangxi Yangyang dance team "Fan Dance flying", the Pearl community Taijiquan traditional Yang Style Taijiquan, Bai Ju Lu community morning sun fitness team square dance "point Zan new era", Tongguang Road East Community cool Sporting Club Hotel fancy jump rope and rope skipping world champion Yu Dawei challenge a minute Changchun record, the scene also broadcast the Changchun science fitness guidance video.

At the ceremony, Sun Libin, Deputy Secretary General of the Changchun Municipal People's government, announced the opening of the event. Zhang Zhengming, Secretary of the Changchun Sports Bureau, delivered a speech at the Changchun radio and TV station, Zhang Wanxing, deputy director Wen Liangjie of the Changchun Sports Bureau, Li Xiaojie, deputy director of the Changchun Sports Bureau and Liu Bin, deputy director of Changchun radio and TV station.

Activities are divided into three parts: "cloud dancing spring city", "cloud running spring city" and "cloud moving spring city", including the 2020 Changchun community fitness competition, the national fitness line running, the first fluorescent night running Festival, the tracing of Yitong River pedestrian activity, the national fitness "one minute" fun challenge competition, the "one square meter" scientific fitness guidance online open class, and the "public football season". 9 activities such as "public basketball season" and "public tennis season" free public welfare activities, including square dance, Taijiquan, martial arts, long-distance running, hiking, football, basketball, tennis and so on.   Members of the public can sign up for participation in WeChat's Olympic sports WeChat public platform.

Through the "Internet + National Fitness", online and offline "new play" is adopted. Fitness enthusiasts participate in the designated platform through uploading video, and professional judges have online ratings. The form of "no gathering and no contact" can also make people enjoy fitness fun anytime and anywhere. Wen Liangjie, deputy director of Changchun Sports Bureau, said, "through the development of the national fitness program under the online and offline activities, we should spread scientific fitness concepts and healthy lifestyles to the people and enhance their resistance. At the same time, we hope that our friends and people will be active in participating in the exhibition.

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In 2020, the Changchun community fitness competition is divided into the sea trials and finals. Community residents can choose any item of aerobics, dance and martial arts. The short video will be uploaded to the designated platform, which will be judged by professional referees. According to the results of the audition, the outstanding team will have the chance to participate in the year-end finals. This form of "no accumulation, no contact" matches the realization of different screen matches.

"Cloud running spring city" exercise on the national fitness line adopts a new way of "gathering online and not touching each other". Runners will record running data from any sport APP on any day of -9 July. After the screenshots are sent to the designated platform, they can get electronic certificates.

"The first fluorescent night running festival in Changchun", a member of the Changchun long distance running Association, a running member and a hot running group, will be on the 27-28 and 3-4 July June in Changchun sports center. Through the fluorescent equipment to dress up, along the way to enjoy the Changchun Sports Center night lighting art, enjoy the happy atmosphere of night running.

Tracing the Yitong River hiking activity fully displays the achievements of the national fitness and ecological protection in Changchun area, manifests the vitality, health and upward trend, and is held in the Yitong River Music Square. The hikers are measuring the city's mother river with two feet.

"Cloud moving spring city" national fitness "one minute" fun challenge competition, "one square meter" scientific fitness guidance online open class. The national fitness "one minute" fun challenge includes 9 items, such as sit ups, push ups, rope skipping, soccer, table tennis, crotch dribbling, Bobbi jump, shuttlecock, hula hoop and so on. WeChat is concerned about the Olympic Games WeChat platform registration, choosing entries and uploading the video. Each individual event has the highest record award and the best performance award.

"One square meter" scientific fitness guidance online open class includes parent child home exercise class, youth health fitness system series, sports stars, champion guidance class. One square meter space is used to achieve home exercise, parent-child interaction, healthy life, posture correction and function promotion. It shares scientific exercise and fitness knowledge with the general public and sports enthusiasts, and improves the fitness quality of mass sports.

In addition, there are "public football season", "mass basketball season" and "public tennis season" free public welfare activities. At the weekend of -7 June, Changchun Sports Center rose garden, Changchun sports school football field, Changchun Sports Center basketball court, Changchun stadium basketball court and tennis court will be open to fitness enthusiasts free of charge, the nine palace shooting challenge, basketball skills challenge battle, free throw, three points shooting, and interesting tennis tournament. The team booked the venue and signed up for the event.

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