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The Changchun Municipal Stadium carries out the theme party lectures and focuses on the regulations on the work of the grass-roots organizations of the CPC and state organs.

Time: 2020-06-17 14:52 Source: Changchun Gymnasium
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According to the unified arrangement of the municipal Party committee of Sports Bureau and the theoretical study arrangement of our school this year, On the morning of June 16th, all the members of the Changchun gymnasium and Changchun amateur sports school concentrated on studying the regulations on the work of the grass-roots organizations of the CPC and state organs in the hall of news release.

The Secretary and director of the Party branch of the gymnasium are Secretary of the Party branch of Donghua amateur sports school. The headmaster Wang Yanyan made a lively party lecture on the theme of general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on "strict administration of the party" and "never forget the original mind, remember the mission and keep the Communist Party of China forever young". Secretary Yu Donghua Focusing on the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's speech on a comprehensive and strict administration of the party, he urged all Party members to conscientiously implement the socialist spirit of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the nineteen spirit of the party in the new era. Enter the mind and enter the heart. Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts, pioneering and innovating. We should conscientiously put the party in charge of the party and strictly manage the party work throughout our daily work.

Finally, the curator of Donghua puts forward several requirements on several key tasks of the gymnasium in recent years. First of all, we should tighten the string of epidemic prevention. We should take into account the safety and the orderly development of the work in the special period of the epidemic. Whole Party Members should bear in mind. With the guidance of the theory, we should actively promote the opening and amateur training of gymnasiums and gymnasiums.




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