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Deputy director Li Xiaojie visits the city sports lottery center

Time: 2020-06-08 14:32 Source: body color center
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Six month Three day Afternoon Li Xiaojie, deputy director of Changchun Sports Bureau Liu Ruifen, director of economic affairs Coming to Changchun Sports Lottery Management Center work Investigation and research.
Accompanied by the director of the center, Han Xudong and deputy director Su Jie, deputy director Li Xiaojie Field inspection City Sports Center comprehensive service hall, staff canteen, training center and office area. A seminar was then held. , city Body color Center Director Han Xu Dong The basic situation of the unit is introduced. as well as Epidemic prevention and control, Sales, crack down on black color, financial revenue and expenditure.

Li Xiaojie Deputy director Express, The sports lottery "comes from the people, is used to the people", the state attaches importance to, the people pay attention to, the sports lottery issue also has played the positive impetus function for the national various undertakings, especially the sports enterprise development. For many years, the city sports lottery center's work has also made the greater contribution for our city sports development. In the future work, the city sports lottery center should actively advocate the concept of public welfare, constantly strengthen people's livelihood security, strive to improve the level of management services, provide more convenience to betting stations and lottery users. In the central management work, we must earnestly safeguard the rights and interests of cadres and workers, ensure the stability of the team, and fully mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of cadres and workers, and constantly expand. Large sales to achieve healthy and stable development of sports lottery; In the work of epidemic prevention and control, Must achieve Scientific judgement and precise strategy. Normalization of epidemic prevention and control work.

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