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2020 Changchun community fitness station Fitness Project Exhibition (phase second) successfully concluded.

Time: 2020-04-13 15:29 Source: Group Office
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   In April 7th, hosted by the Changchun Sports Bureau and Changchun Sports Federation, the Changchun Society Sports Instructor Association hosted the exhibition of fitness programs at the community fitness station (second issue), which was implemented by the Eurasian store and the Jilin Sports Service Co., Ltd.. Fitness enthusiasts from 13 communities in Changchun participated in the exhibition.

   This event shows various forms, such as fancy rope skipping, pulling ball, square dance, softball, fitness Yangge, sign language exercises and so on. It has shocked the whole audience and attracted the attention of the friends of the public. Changchun social sports instructors interpreted their love for life with scientific enthusiasm and scientific epidemic prevention with full enthusiasm.

   National class social sports instructor, the world rope skipping champion at Dawei teacher, said that during this special period, the ability to display rope skipping skills for the general public is the honor of being an excellent social sports instructor, adhering to the purpose of dedication, service, health and happiness of social sports instructors. In the future, more people will be brought into the ranks of the national fitness program.

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