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2018 Changchun ice sledge competition rules

Time: 2017-12-26 16:00 Source: Sports Federation
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1. Sponsor unit

Changchun Sports Bureau

Changchun Bureau of parks and Gardens

Two. Contractors

Changchun Sports Federation

South Lake Park

Three, match time

January 1, 2018

Four. Venue

South Lake Park Lake Island skating rink

Five. Scope of participation

All the citizens of Changchun, the officers and men of the stationed troops, the students in school and the foreign friends of the resident stationed in the army can participate.

Six. Competition items

Single person ice sledge 20 meter race

Seven, rules of the game

1, the competition is divided into groups, two players in each group. After hearing the signal, they start at the same time, and record the results respectively through the finishing line.

2. When all competitors are ranked by time, after the competition, they will be ranked the same time at the same time, and the subsequent ranking will decrease.

Eight. Admission and award

The top eight were awarded certificates and awards.

Nine, referee

The referee will be selected by the organizing committee.

Ten, registration procedures

1. This competition adopts two modes of "Austrian sports" APP registration and telephone registration. According to the order of registration, the Olympic sports APP registration is limited to 70 people, and the registration limit is 80.

Contact number: 88638551 Sun Keqiang

2. Invite competitors to handle personal accident insurance on their own.

Eleven. Deadline for enrolment

December 30, 2017



December 25, 2017

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