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2019 Changchun square dance team makeup public training course successfully concluded.

Time: 2019-11-18 15:49 Source: Sports Federation
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Recently, Changchun aerobics dance association In order to improve Our city The square dance team image shows women's demeanour in the new era. "Makeup skills" is the theme, especially the national make-up Committee experts and national senior makeup teachers. It was held in our city. 12 square dance teams Makeup Public welfare training course

From all districts 720 people took part in the training. , Improve the makeup skills of the square dance team , The overall image of our city square dance team has been upgraded. , Show the square dance enthusiasts full of vitality. , A good style of making progress

The students said, Full harvest , It 's a rewarding trip, This The training is really good. , For our future performance and The Games helped a lot. increase Added make-up skills. , Make us play more and more beautiful , The more you play, the younger you are!

Changchun City aerobics dance association takes the event as an opportunity. , Give full play to the role of the Association , To make greater contributions to promoting happiness in Changchun!

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