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"Happy snow, healthy China" 2020 Changchun ice and snow Fun Games held

Time: 2020-01-19 14:18 Source: Group Office
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   In January 17th, "happy snow, healthy China" 2020 Changchun ice and snow Fun Games held in the North City ice and snow park. The event is sponsored by Changchun Sports Bureau, Changchun Sports Federation, Changchun city wide cultural and Tourism Bureau Sports Bureau, Changchun Society Sports Instructor Association, Changchun Kuancheng Sports Association, Changchun Harmony Culture Communication Co., Ltd., North City ice snow paradise. Changchun Lok garden Sports Service Co., Ltd., Jilin Jianan culture and media limited liability company, Jilin Jun Cheng Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

   The Changchun ice and ice fun games aims at developing ice and snow sports extensively, serving community residents, igniting the enthusiasm of the masses for ice and snow sports, and getting through the last mile of national fitness.

   The ice and ice fun games include three parts, namely, the launching ceremony, the series of events, and the display of fitness items. It is also the activity of the whole city of Changchun in 2020. It is rich in content and varied in form, covering 15 items: snowy hiking, snowball challenge, ice top, ice hockey, ice hockey, snowball, snowball, snow, earth, speed skating, ice and snow bowling, snow air volleyball, and high speed downhill.

   In recent years, the ice and snow movement has become a craze and has been integrated into the lives of Changchun residents. Nearly 1500 people have participated in the sports meet, and greeted the Spring Festival through ice and snow sports. Participants from 10 to 70 years old participated in the community, covering social sports instructors, ethnic minorities, the elderly, the disabled, women, cadres, enterprises and institutions, workers, youth and other groups.

   This sports meeting also highlights the extensive participation of social sports instructors in Changchun. The social sports instructors from the front line are not only the participants, but also the volunteer service of the events. They take an active part in the fitness guidance of ice and snow sports, showing good fitness skills and dedication to public welfare.

   Zhang Jun, Secretary General of Changchun Sports Federation

   Ma Kuo, director of the culture and Tourism Bureau of Kuancheng district and Sports Bureau of Kuancheng District, Changchun

   Li Zhijian, deputy director of Changchun Sports Bureau, announced the opening of the event.

   Wang Ji, head of Changchun Sports Bureau Group, Li Xiaodong, deputy director of culture and Tourism Bureau of Kuancheng District, Hou Jishan, deputy secretary of Education Bureau of Kuancheng District, Secretary of Party committee of five star village, Xinyuan street, Du Yibao, director general of village committee, Li Lei, general manager of Changchun Harmony Culture Communication Co., Ltd., deputy secretary of the five star village Party committee of Xinyuan street, Kuancheng district. Li Chengjun, general manager of North City Park in Changchun, fired for the ice and snow activities.

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