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Changchun won the first prize in the nineteenth National Veterans championship.

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At the nineteenth national track and Field Championships which just ended, our delegation fifty people, after three days of struggling to fight, with 50 gold, 24 silver, 17 copper's achievements, pressed 22 delegations, and won the total number of medals in one fell swoop. The veteran field championship is an international competition. Every four years in the world, Asia is held every two years in our country every year.

The competitors are mainly retired athletes and amateur sports fans. They are also known as "masters competition" in foreign countries. They are important symbols for testing the popularity and training level of mass sports in a country and region. Our city has been participating in this competition since 2010. Due to the attention of the leaders of the municipal government and the strong support of the competent sports authorities, after the untiring efforts of all the participating athletes, we have achieved very good results every year.

This year, the delegation of our city has overcome many difficulties such as long distance journey, short training time and so on. We have no fear of strong hands, dare to fight, fight hard and fight all the way, win the gold medal and win the first prize in fifth national track and field events.

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